Rug Repair Service

Are you interested in finding a professional rug repair business that will treat your rug with all the love and respect that it deserves? Do you require a business that understands the ins and outs of rug repair?

You have arrived at the perfect place. We have an in-depth understanding of rug repair and what it takes to repair it professionally.

Rug repair takes a careful eye and a steady hand to have the repair just perfect.

If you are worried about having your priceless rug mended, we could put your mind at ease by explaining the whole process for you.

We do not conduct repairs in your home. Rug repairs need to be completed at our rug repair facility to ensure that your rug is getting the highest quality repairs that we may provide.

In an agreed date and time, we will arrive at your home and take your rug with us. We go to great lengths to make certain that your rug is not damaged during transit.

Whenever your rug arrives in our facility will we conduct a review to assess what sort of repairs is required to cure your problem.

Once the problem areas are identified, we will notify you by telephone and request your permission to proceed with the repairs.

You can breathe easier knowing that your rug is going to be taken care of from the minute it is picked up until the time it is returned to your property.

We can fix Persian, Oriental, Handmade, Machine-made along with other rug styles.

Trust Cincinnati Carpet Repair & Cleaning for all of your rug repair needs. Contact us now at 513-434-3318 to set up your rug repair appointment with us.