Carpet to Tile Transition Repair

If you are in the home stretch of your tile installation today is a good time ensure that the carpet to tile transition is smooth between the two flooring options.

Carpet that is not transitioned to tile correctly will put a damper on all of your hard work. You do not need to put in all of the hard work just to have your job overshadowed by a transition that is failing.

If you don’t have the time or energy to repair it, we will happily take care of this problem for you.

We have many solutions that we can utilize to cure your carpet to tile transition difficulties.

Here are the most common repair solutions that we use for most of our clientele.

Tack Strips: Carpet that’s even with the tile needs a very simple re-stretching to fix the issue.

Rubber Reducers: This solution is geared towards our industrial clients.

With an environment in which a lawsuit over a trip and fall accident is a valid concern, having these rubber reducers replaced fast can save your business from a frivolous lawsuit.

Transition Strips: We carry three styles, metal, wood, and rubber. They help create a smooth transition when there is a height differential.

Cincinnati Carpet Repair & Cleaning is here to serve you. If you would like to discuss your carpet to tile transition issues or to set up a carpet to tile transition repair appointment, please give us a call now at 513-434-3318