Berber Carpet Repair

Berber carpet is well-known for its durability, affordability, and range of choice. It is this flexibility that has made Berber carpet so familiar.

Berber carpet differs from the standard cut pile carpets that you may be used to. The key distinction is in the way it is constructed.

Berber carpet has fibers which are weaved into the backing of the carpet without even being cut. This is how the loops are created in the carpeting.

A cut pile carpet is a carpet that has its loops cut after being inserted into the backing.

The looped pile of a Berber carpet is known to be vulnerable to snagging by sharp items.

If this has happened to your carpet, this is the best time to call the Berber carpet repair professionals at Cincinnati Carpet Repair & Cleaning.

Our Berber carpet repair solutions are inexpensive, long lasting and imperceptible to the naked eye. If your Berber rug has sustained minor damage, we can weave in new fiber loops to repair the issue.

If your carpet has undergone significant harm, we will eliminate the damaged section of carpet and insert a brand new piece of carpeting.

Our Berber carpet repair technicians possess the technical abilities and capacity to make sure that the new bit of carpeting is imperceptible!

We are happy to accommodate your schedule. Give us a call now at 513-434-3318 to learn more about our Berber carpet repair services.